Scholarship Application Process

Terms and Conditions

  1. The number of scholarships to be offered shall vary from year to year.
  2. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand.
  3. Each The Fencible Foundation Trust Scholarship will have a maximum value of $5,000 and a minimum $500 each per annum and be tenable initially for one year with a maximum tenure of three years. The scholarship will be credited directly towards tuition fees each year the student is awarded the scholarship.
  4. Extension of the tenure of the scholarships is dependant on satisfactory academic progress and sporting achievement as determined by the trustees of The Fencible Foundation Trust. Recipients of the scholarships do not need to re-apply in order to be eligible for an extension of the tenure of the scholarship but will automatically be considered for re-awarding, however ongoing support will be reviewed on an annual basis by the trustees for the second and third years of their tuition (where applicable).
  5. The offer of the scholarship is subject to the candidate fulfilling all requirements for admission to University, polytec or trade school in a programme of study in the year of tenure. 
  6. Scholarship shall be administered by The Fencible Foundation Trust.
  7. The initial selection criteria will be based on academic merit, sporting potential and involvement in the community activities.
  8. The selection panel will comprise of trustees of The Fencible Foundation Trust.
  9. The selection panel reserves the right to permanently or temporarily withhold payments of the scholarship should performance of the recipient not be satisfactory, at any time, in any regard. 
  10. Applications for the scholarship will close on the 1st of December each year.
  11. Along with a completed application form, applicants are to include a curriculum vitae which highlights the student’s eligibility in terms of the following selection criteria:
    - Sporting achievements
    - Personal achievements
    - 3 x Character references
    - Personal statement of why the applicant believes they should be the beneficiary.
  12. Applicants enrolling for the first time in the year of tenure are also to include certified copies of the most recent secondary school results which are available, and proof of New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency.
  13. The scholarship may be recognised at an annual function organised to promote the scholarship.
  14. The selection panel may refrain from making a recommendation if it finds no candidates of sufficient merit.
  15. Any successful applicant shall keep a candidates dairy with regular updates which may be posted on the website.
  16. Applications must be submitted to The Fencible Foundation Website.